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Having trouble with mobility in your multi-story home? We can help! Our stairlifts are specifically designed for your stairs, which makes accessing both levels of your home with the simple flick of a toggle switch. Available to you are many different types of stairlifts, including, the Bruno Elan stairlift, the Elite stair lift rated at 400lb capacity, the custom stairlift for turns and spiral stairs, the outdoor stairlift and the vertical platform lift. Call for an assessment of your stairs, today!
Bathroom Remodeling 

Bathing with little mobility can be a challenge, however, with our barrier free bath systems, you can shower and bathe with ease and accessibility. Our barrier free showers allow you to roll right into the shower with your wheelchair, and then transfer onto a built in bath seat. Our showers and baths fit right into the space of your existing shower . We additionally provide complete ADA accesible bathrooms, with renovated sinks, toilet safety bars and other bathroom accommodations. Call today for your complete bathroom assessment!


Your solution to getting into your home with your wheelchair or scooter! We offer many different types of ramps, that fall under three categories: portable ramps, modular ramps and custom ramps. And we do the math! We will calculate the total rise of your steps, and then equate it to how many feet of ramp you need to safely enter your home. Call today for easy ramp solutions!

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